Lit. 'earthling'. A husbandman or farmer.

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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  • sanderling — noun Etymology: sand + erling, perhaps from Old English yrthling, kind of bird found in fields, literally, plowman, from yrth, earth plowing, from erian to plow more at arable Date: 1602 a small widely distributed sandpiper (Calidris alba) with… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • sanderling — /san deuhr ling/, n. a common, small sandpiper, Calidris alba, inhabiting sandy beaches. [1595 1605; SAND + erling, repr. OE yrthling kind of bird (perh. a plover), lit., plowman (cf. obs. E earthling plowman), equiv. to yrth plowing, tilling… …   Universalium

  • sanderling — sand•er•ling [[t]ˈsæn dər lɪŋ[/t]] n. orn a small sandpiper, Calidris alba, that breeds in the Arctic and frequents sandy beaches in the winter • Etymology: 1595–1605; sand+ erling, repr. OE yrthling kind of bird …   From formal English to slang

  • underling — un·der·ling (ŭn’dər lĭng) n. ▸ One of lesser rank or authority than another; a subordinate. Word History: The suffix ling, inherited from Common Germanic, already had several uses in Old English, all of which produced new nouns. It could, for… …   Word Histories

  • sanderling — [san′dər liŋ] n. [< SAND + ? OE yrthling, farmer, kind of bird, lit., earthling] a small, gray and white sandpiper (Calidris alba), often found on sandy beaches …   English World dictionary

  • sanderling — n. a small wading bird, Calidris alba, of the sandpiper family. Etymology: perh. f. an OE form sandyrthling (unrecorded, as SAND + yrthling ploughman, also the name of a bird) …   Useful english dictionary

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